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Redermic C by La Roche Posay

If you’re a lover of all things French, then you probably can’t resist La Roche Posay, a French cosmetics line that includes coveted Anthelios sunscreens and newly revamped Redermic C . Improving on their tried, trusted and beloved line-up of Redermic skin care treatments, Redermic C combines madecassoside, known for its skin repairing abilities with 5%… Read more »

Redermic vs. Active C – What's the difference?

La Roche Posay, a dermatologist recommended skin care line, markets two product lines containing topical Vitamin C. And you’ve possibly already read a lot about the benefits of topical Vitamin C which include: an increase the synthesis of collagen – which helps to thicken the skin a reduction in skin damage caused by free radicals… Read more »