Get to Know the Benefits of Madecassoside in Skin Care

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Madecassoside is an active skin care ingredient derived from the plant Centella asiatica (often going by its pseudonyms Asiatic pennywort and Gotu Kola). Centella asiatic, or more commonly, centella,  is a medicinal plant that has been used for over 2000 years in India and in Ayurvedic medicine. It has been used by many cultures for its curative properties in wound healing and for the anti-inflammatory benefits it delivers. Its edible leaves have been used for treating coughs and sinusitis, improving memory and aiding liver disorders.

In recent years, the extract from Centella Asiatica has increasingly been included in skin care formulations thanks to its antioxidant-rich properties and ability to promote healing by speeding up skin cell production. Although Centella Asiatica extract is also rich in amino acids and beta carotene, two of its components in particular make this a sought after ingredient: asiaticoside and madecassoside.

Madecassoside for Wound Healing

Wound-healing asiaticoside is a triterpenine, a class of chemical compounds produced by plants as part of their self-defense mechanism. It is believed that asiaticoside promotes the production of type I collagen, one of the major components of the skin and which helps the skin retain a plump, youthful appearance. Here’s an eye-opener: A 2011 study published in journal of chemistry Molecules found that centella extract stimulated collagen synthesis significantly better than even vitamin C, one of our favorite and most reliable skin care heroes.

What Does Madecassoside Do?

Madecassoside, also classed as a triterpenine, stimulates production of type III collagen. While asiaticoside handles the wound-healing side of things, madecassoside separates itself from the pack with its anti-inflammatory properties, making it a popular ingredient for acne-prone skin. In studies, madecassoside has demonstrated skin healing as well as anti-aging properties in skin. It’s thought that it works in several ways including:

  • Inflammation control
  • Stimulating the synthesis of collagen I et III, integral components of the skin.
  • Reducing the activity of MMPs – matrix metallo proteins – or enzymes that play a role in the breakdown of the skin’s matrix or framework.

Madecassoside has demonstrated some benefit in the treatment of psoriasis, most likely due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Where Can You Find it?

If you’re intrigued by this ingredient and want to experience its benefits, you can find it in the following products at our store:

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  1. joi

    hi.. im joi, im pregnant now and im having acne breakout can this product be safe for me?

    1. Sharmani

      Hello Joi, I would advise that you see your doctor to be certain. Alpha hydroxy acids tend to be well tolerated, and studies have shown systemic absorption to be negligible. All the same, it’s always best to check during pregnancy. Best wishes for a happy and healthy baby.

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