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The Sunscreen Gene

Scientists working at the University of Southern California appear to have identified a “sunscreen gene” that helps to repair damage done by sun exposure. This discovery could potentially be instrumental in developing new drugs in the fight against skin cancer by stimulating the UV-resistant gene to work at optimum levels. Researchers used data from 340… Read more »


3 Tips To Maximize Your Sun Protection

Summer’s here and here’s how to maximize your sun protection – 3 top tips: Layer on an antioxidant under your sunscreen and apply again at night. During the day antioxidants neutralize harmful free radicals generated by  UV rays. Free radicals contribute to wrinkles, skin sag and age spots. At night, the antioxidant works won’t be… Read more »


Snow Bunnies: Winter UV Rays Do Damage Too

A new study reveals that ski resort patrons are not taking enough precautions to protect themselves from UV radiation. There’s a surprising amount UV at high elevations; in fact, skiers are bathed in radiation.  Under certain conditions, the UV index on a snowy mountaintop can be even more dangerous than on a hot summer’s day… Read more »

SPF Moisturizers

Sometimes rather than wearing a dedicated sunscreen, you may prefer to apply an SPF moisturizer. Is an SPF moisturizer enough? SPF moisturizers are moisturizing products that come with the added benefit of sun protection. As with any good sun protection product, look for one that offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays. Also, ensure… Read more »