Marie Veronique Sunscreens

Developed in the tradition of artisan French bakers, Marie Véronique Organic sunscreens are hand made with carefully selected all natural ingredients. Products have been formulated in conjunction with a trained esthetician and the scientific expertise of a Physicist. The result is a line of cutting edge, luxurious and highly effective organic sunscreens that do more than just block the sun’s rays.

Marie-Ve´ronique Organics sunscreens strive to support the heath and radiance of skin using the best of  nature and science to help  counter the aging process. Only the best ingredients are used, ones that are known not to harm, and where possible are natural, organic, free trade and from local resources. The wonder of Marie-Ve´ronique Organics is the transformative effect on the skin without exposure to toxic ingredients.

Marie Veronique Organic Sunscreens

Marie Veronique Organic sunscreens deliver mineral sun protection that help to reflect or scatter UV rays from the skin’s surface. Products utilize zinc oxide as their active sun filtering agent. Zinc oxide is the only sun protective agent, chemical or natural, to protect across the entire UV spectrum from 290 to 400nm. The zinc oxide used in Marie Veronique sunscreens is non-micronized zinc. Studies have shown that larger particles afford better protection than small (especially micronized) particles. In addition, zinc oxide possesses anti-inflammatory benefits. Unlike many chemical sun filters, zinc oxide has not been shown to react in the presence of ultra violet rays to generate free radicals.

Marie Veronique sunscreens are fortified with:

  • Red raspberry oil: Very high in natural sun protective qualities, it has been rated as high as SPF 50
  • Lycopene: an antioxidant and sunscreen in one, it is well absorbed when applied topically because it is fat soluble and has relatively small molecules
  • Broccoli seed oil: high in catechins, a powerful bioflavoid and antioxidant
  • Anti-oxidants such as green tea and Vitamin C work indirectly by quenching free radicals from UV exposure

Which One’s Right For You?

  • Marie Veronique Crème de Soleil SPF 30+ – Protects, moisturizes and repairs with its unique combination of mineral sun filters, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It is a non-comedogenic sunscreen formula recommended for all skin types. A green tea base is used to provide additional natural sun protection as well as anti-aging support.
  • Marie Veronique Crème de Soleil SPF 30+ Tinted – like the non-tinted version, this formulation protects, moisturizes and repairs skin. In addition to the skin beneficial ingredients found in the non-tinted formulation, irox oxides are added for a light tint.
  • Marie Veronique Sun Serum SPF 20 – This day serum delivers potent anti-oxidant and anti-aging benefits in a light, non-greasy formulation. For heavy sun exposure, i.e.: a day at the beach, apply Creme de Soleil as well.