A Light Face Moisturizer for Warmer Weather

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If you’re looking for a face moisturizer for warmer weather, Apothekari Daily Infusion Moisturizer may be just what you’re looking for. In this post we’re discussing tips to help you find one that’s just right for your skin. Want information about moisturizers in general? Check out this post we wrote earlier.

What is a Face Moisturizer?

A face moisturizer is a product that we apply to skin to relieve dryness and make it feel more comfortable. They can range from lighter serums and lotions to heavier and thicker treatments such as petroleum jelly (although this isn’t something we’d recommend!). Water qualifies as a moisturizer, but because it evaporates quite quickly, it’s not very effective on its own.

The ideal face moisturizer falls somewhere in between water and petroleum jelly and many customers find that a product like Apothekari Daily Infusion Moisturizer works perfectly for them all year round because it moisturizes without leaving skin feeling greasy. It’s also suitable for all skin types.

Warmer Weather Moisturizer

Moisturizer Ingredients

Moisturizers are made up of three main types ingredients:

  1. Humectants. Deliver moisture to skin by either grabbing it from the environment or pulling it from the skin’s deeper layers (dermis) to its surface layers (epidermis). Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate), glycerin, propanediol, honey and propylene glycol are all examples.
  2. Emollients. Soften and smooth skin by filling in the gaps. May also lock in moisture. Fats and oils like vitamin E, cholesterol, jojoba oil and some silicones are emollients. Emollients may also have occlusive action.
  3. Occlusives. Work by forming a thin, oily layer over skin, helping to lock in moisture. They should be applied over damp skin, ideally. Lanolin, beeswax, petroleum jelly and fatty alcohols like cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol are occlusive. Some occlusives may also have emollient activity.

The combination and amounts of each ingredient influence how light or heavy a moisturizer feels.

Warm Weather Moisturizer

A Face Moisturizer for Warmer Weather

Humidity (the amount of moisture in the air) changes depending on where you live or the season. Tropical locations and summer often bring higher humidity while winter and desert or cooler climates tend to be drier. A heavy moisturizer (one with more emollient and occlusive ingredients) that was perfect for cooler winter temperatures may feel too heavy now. If you find that your skin is left feeling greasy or oily now that it’s warmer outside, it may be time to revisit the moisturizer you’re using.

Opt for one that contains fewer occlusive ingredients and that contains more humectant ingredients. Our Daily Infusion Moisturizer has a good balance of humectants (glycerin), light emollients (caprylic/capric triglyceride, coco-caprylate/caprate, squalane) and occlusives (cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl glucoside, glyceryl stearate) to deliver light moisture that all skin loves. We refer to it as the ‘Goldilocks of Moisturizers’ because most of our customers feel it’s just right!

Apothekari Skincare Daily Infusion Moisturizer
Apothekari Daily Infusion Moisturizer

Tips: In order to maximize the effectiveness of your moisturizer, keep the following in mind:

  • Apply over damp skin to lock in moisture.
  • Moisturize as often as you need to.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen to help protect skin against damage from UV rays.

Now you and your face are ready for summer!

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