5 Tips to Fight Dry Summer Skin

Dry summer skin may seem misleading to discuss at this time of year, considering that dry skin is usually associated with the cold winter months. But, like it or not, we can get dry, itchy skin in summer as well.

Reasons for Dry Skin

Along with the obvious changes in weather and temperature, summer also brings along with it a change in our activities and behavioral patterns, all of which may contribute to unexpectedly dry skin during the warmest months of the year. Some of the more common offenders include:

  • Air Conditioning: Although there is something magical about air conditioning, the same cool air that provides relief on the dog days of summer can also be a major culprit when it comes to dehydrating the skin. Air conditioning removes moisture from the air to create a more comfortable climate and it also syphons moisture out of our skin.
  • Airplane Travel: While the humidity level in the average home is between 30 and 50 per cent, it can dip to as low as 1% on an airplane! It’s no wonder our skin often feels like sandpaper after a long flight.
  • Swimming: Who knew your skin could get so dry being completely immersed in water? It’s not just water but the salt and chlorine that add to the damage.
  • Sun Exposure: Summer sunshine boosts your mood and produces vitamin D, a vitamin essential to our wellbeing. However, too much sun exposure can lead to sunburn and a loss of natural oils that keep the skin supple and soft.

5 Tips to Fight Dry Summer Skin

We’ve got 5 tips to help fight dry summer skin, and the best part is that each one is simple and quick:

  1. Invest in a Cool Mist Humidifier. Increasing the humidity level in your home in the summer sounds counterintuitive, but the added moisture in the air will be absorbed by your parched skin. A humidifier not only benefits your skin but may help relieve allergy symptoms and dry eyes.
  2. Shower with Cooler Water. A cool or lukewarm shower just doesn’t have the same comforting sound as a hot shower but turning down the temperature of the water will still clean without stripping moisture from the skin.
  3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Frankly, we know of very few people who wouldn’t benefit from a daily dose of body lotion. Boost the hydration by adding a few drops of your favorite dry oil like argan, marula or jojoba. The optimal time to apply is when the skin is still damp. A customer favorite is Apothekari’s Shea Body Butter with organic shea butter and an intoxicating blend of essential oils.
  4. Exfoliate. One of the most overlooked and undervalued steps in a skin care routine, exfoliating allows the barrier of dead skin cells to be sloughed away and allowing moisturizers and other hydrating treatments to be more readily absorbed to do their work. We can’t get enough of the unique texture and non-greasy finish of Apothekari Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Polish.
  5. Practice Sun Smarts. Seeking shade, wearing sun protective clothing and using a broad spectrum sunscreen will go far in not only protecting your skin from the damaging effects of UV rays but also from the drying effects of the sun. A bonus is that many sunscreens now contain ingredients that help hydrate the skin, such as vitamin E (tocopherol) and glycerin.

Although not necessarily one of our top 5 skin hydrating tips, we think a cool drink under the protective shade of a pool-side cabana wouldn’t hurt.

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