3 Reasons Why You Need an Eye Cream

  • Post last modified:November 26, 2021
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Eye creams: essential or optional? We’ve heard all the reasons for, and reasons against. If you’ve been on the fence about adding an eye cream to your daily routine, you’ll want to read this post: we’ve got 3 reasons why you need one. Clearly, we’ve chosen our side!

The Skin Around Your Eyes is Different

It would be easy to say that skin is just skin, but that’s not exactly true. The skin around your eyes is more delicate than the skin on other areas of your face. In addition to it being thinner—up to 5 times or so—it also lacks oil glands. That makes this area not only more prone to damage, but also to displaying the signs of damage more readily. It’s also the reason why you need to hydrate properly, to help combat dryness. An eye cream ensures appropriate care for this very fragile area. Not convinced yet? Read on!

Concentrations Matter

To deliver results, a skincare product needs to be formulated appropriately:

  • It needs to have the right ingredients
  • It needs to contain the right concentration of ingredients
  • It needs to be used correctly.

While the eye area benefits from many of the same ingredients that are deliver results to the skin on the rest of your face, this sensitive area is prone to irritation when the concentration of active ingredients is too high. More isn’t necessarily better and the last thing you want to do is use a product that has a high concentration of actives. While it may be suitable for a face serum, applying it to the delicate eye area may result in redness and/or irritation.

Specially formulated eye treatments are made to be effective, while also respecting the needs of this fragile area. And it’s why your favorite face serum may not be the best choice for treating the skin around your eyes.

Targeted Active Ingredients

We all have our issues, whether it’s fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles or puffiness. A dedicated eye cream allows you to choose one that contains the active ingredients that will best target your specific concerns.

Ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid help to hydrate; niacinamide and vitamin c brighten (but be cautious about the concentration and type of vitamin c as it can also be quite irritating to the skin around the eyes); retinoids to help boost collagen production, increase skin cell turn over and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apothekari Active Eyes Serum contains encapsulated retinol to ensure slow delivery that is much better tolerated.

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