What is the Secret to Great Skin?

Because I make skin care my business, some people assume I have secrets that I’m not giving up. “So what is the best product, really?” Most individuals express surprise when I assert there is no such thing as a “magic bullet” for great skin.

The reality to achieving a great anything is far more boring than any ‘secret’ strategy, ingredient or formula could possibly be. If you ask me the secret to great skin, I’ll share with you the following simple advice:

  • Eat a healthy diet rich in antioxidants, lean protein, colorful fruits and vegetables and healthy fats. Our skin is our body’s largest organ and like the rest of our body, requires the building blocks of good health to look its best.
  • Get enough sleep, manage stress and exercise. Our skin reflects our lifestyle – too many late nights, excessive worrying and being a couch potato will show on your face.
  • Find a good UVA/UVB blocking sunscreen and wear it – everyday! While UVB rays mainly damage us in the summer, UVA rays can be found year round. They penetrate glass, clouds and cause deeper damage than UVB rays leading to wrinkles, saggy and discolored skin. The sun is responsible for more than 80% of skin aging. Prevention is your best strategy.
  • Treat skin gently. Harsh cleansers, overly aggressive treatments aren’t good to skin. Even if you have acne, be gentle.
  • Develop a good skin care regimen and stick to it:
    1. Incorporate antioxidants (Vitamin C, green tea, retinol) to fight free radicals and boost collagen production. My go-to products? Apothekari Antioxidant Serums and Green Cream.
    2. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Moisturizers can contain a range of skin beneficial ingredients that may help to repair a damaged skin barrier and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. La Roche Posay moisturizers such as Nutritic, Hydreane and Hydraphase are suitable for all skin types.
    3. Wash your face before going to sleep. Even the most sensitive skin can handle the gentle cleansers in La Roche Posay Physiological.
    4. Use that sunscreen. Whether you favor a chemical or natural, physical blocking sunscreen, find one that agrees with your skin type and use it daily. Consider Anthelios sunscreens or Keys Solar Rx.

Boring? Maybe. Effective? Yes!

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