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It seems that women have always been interested in the idea of lash enhancers to accentuate their eyelashes. In Ancient Egypt, women used kohl to define the eyes, lashes and brows. In Victorian times, women created their own lash enhancers using ashes mixed with elderberry and castor oil.  And, a century ago, petroleum jelly was used as the base for what we now call mascara.  The wand and tube version only appeared on the cosmetics scene in the 1960’s, and although mascara is the most common and widely used type of lash enhancers, there are many other things we can do to get the long and full set of lashes that we covet. If applying mascara is not your thing, you can go the route of fake eyelashes, semi-permanent lashes, and lash tinting.  Add to the list of options, over-the-counter lash enhancer serums.

Unlike prescription-only Latisse  which contains bimatoprost, a drug used to treat glaucoma, many over-the-counter lash enhancer serums use peptides to boost lash growth and to extend the growth cycle of the hair follicle, allowing the lashes more time to lengthen. Many of the serums available also include moisturizing agents to condition the lashes.

Just like topical skin care products, lash enhancers use peptides as cell messengers.  In this case, the peptides send signals to the hair follicles to start producing new hair (for thickness) and also to extend the growth cycle (for length).

Planning on giving lash enhancers a try? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Lash enhancers should be applied to the base of the eyelashes twice daily for best results.
  • Avoid cross-contamination with other makeup or creams by applying to clean, bare skin.
  • Like any new product that you are introducing to your regimen, do a test patch for allergic reactions.
  • Results are not permanent. Lashes will eventually revert to their natural length and volume once use of the serums are discontinued.

Watch for Neostrata’s Lash Enhancer Serum to be available soon at PhaMix. It contains 10% SymPeptide 226EL and 2% PhytoCellTec to increase lash length, volume and strength.

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Lash enhancers are perfect for good eyelashes. They boosts eyelash growth and smoothening it. Mascara is the perfect lash enhancer.


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