Under Eye Dark Circles

Depending on the severity, dealing with under eye dark circles and those around the eyes can be an exercise in frustration.  Once you determining the most likely cause of the dark circles, you’ll be armed with knowledge to choose the most suitable treatment.

1. Allergies.  Is it just me or does allergy season run longer now from March until the snow covers every blade of grass and greenery?  Sinus congestion during these “pollen vortexes” can cause the veins that usually drain from your eyes into your nose to dilate and darken. If allergies are the culprit of your dark circles, taking an antihistamine may help alleviate them.

2. Insufficient Sleep. This most simple of causes may be one of the most difficult to change because it means putting yourself first for once!  Try to schedule more downtime at night and get to bed earlier. The laundry can wait.

3. Pigmentation.  Do the press test:  when you press gently on your skin, does it change color? If so, the discoloration may be due to circulation.  If the color remains the same, you are likely dealing with pigmentation of the skin.  Protection and correction are the keys to success for this one: sunscreen and sunglasses to prevent further pigmentation and a topical treatment to lighten. Our favorite combination is Reversa’s Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream with SPF 15 and Apothekari’s Firming Eye Gel with vitamin C to improve discoloration and skin tone around the eyes.

4. Genes.   Although there isn’t much we can do about genetics, taking good care of the delicate skin around the eyes should keep things from getting worse.  You may have to consider using a coverup or tinted cream to minimize the appearance of those dark circles. Keys KPro Soft Corrective Eye Cream works on multiple levels; it’s anti-aging, moisturizing and provides chemical-free tinting to cover and smooth.  This is truly a one-step wonder.

5. Thinning skin.  Sadly, thinning skin is a natural part of aging, and as our skin thins with the loss of fat and collagen, the blood vessels underneath become more visible.  Don’t give up yet! Retinoids, our favorite anti-aging and “miracle” ingredient, help plump the skin by boosting collagen production, resulting in thicker skin and less visible dark areas.  Neostrata All in One Contour Serum contains both retinol and a unique blend of skin brighteners to lighten up those pesky dark circles.

Topical Vitamin K may help to strengthen and heal damaged blood vessels that lead to skin discoloration. It’s worth a try if none of the above provide relief.

As a last resort, consult your dermatologist to see if laser treatments are a viable option.