Fall Skin Care Routine: 5 Skin Saving Tips

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Just as the start of fall is a sign to put away the shorts and pull out the sweaters, the change in season also marks the need to change up our skin care routine. With the exception of daily sunscreen, the truth is that we may have been a little lax in taking care of ourselves during the lazy-hazy days of summer, and the evidence stares back at us unrelentingly in the mirror.

Think of autumn as a transitional period when we can repair any damage that overexposure to sun, sand and surf may have done and to prep our bodies for the cold winter months ahead. Here are 5 skin-saving tips to follow for a fall glow:

  1. Don’t Drop the Sunscreen. We know by now that sun protection is a must every day, rain or shine. But as the temperature and humidity levels fall and I spend less time outdoors, I reach for Anthelios KA SPF 100. It’s a daily moisturizer that’s fragrance and paraben-free to help rehydrate the skin while still providing protection against those aging UVA rays that are prevalent year-round. I also love that it contains Tinosorb S, an additional sun filter, as well as my favorite Mexoryl XL.
  2. Get Back Into the Routine of Exfoliating.  After a few months of neglect, the dead skin cells on the skin’s surface have built up enough to leave us looking decidedly lacklustre. The easy, no-effort solution is to sleep on it: use a night cream like Neostrata Total Radiance Night Repair Cream with glycolic acid to do all the hard work while you get your well-deserved 8 hours’ rest. While you’re at it, don’t forget the body. Reversa’s Skin Smoothing Lotion contains 10% glycolic acid to remove the rough spots.
  3. Baby the Feet Before They Go Into Winter Boots. Flip flops and sandals do no favors for the feet but there’s nothing a weekly home pedicure can’t fix. A few years ago, we covered the essentials for refreshing and repairing our hardworking summer feet, including a relaxing soak, scrub and moisturizer. We still think that advice still stands, as well as rewarding yourself with a new pair of boots afterwards.
  4. Start Prepping the Skin for Colder Weather by Upping the Moisture. Pamper yourself with a weekly face mask (the newest skin care phenomenon to come over from Asia) or equally indulgent Neostrata Skin Barrier Rescue capsules.
  5. Address Hyperpigmentation. Sun exposure can cause the appearance of unwelcome sun spots, age spots and dark patches. Gentle yet effective Apothekari A is for Anti-Aging Retinal Serum is the ultimate in vitamin A treatments. Not only does it stimulate the production of collagen for younger, plumper-looking skin but it acts as a cell communicator, sending a message to the skin to behave like young, undamaged cells.

You’ll be back on track in no time. If you need a head start, perhaps book an afternoon at the local spa for a facial and body scrub? No arm-twisting required here!

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