Thorne Research

Why i use and recommend it

 thorne logo.jpg At my wellness consulting practice – – I work with women (and men) who experience symptoms relating to hormonal imbalance. Part of the strategy to get my clients back on track towards optimal wellness is to first find out what the problem is and then make specific recommendations for diet and lifestyle changes.And while diet and lifestyle play a significant role in achieving hormonal balance, most of us can’t go the full way without adding a regimen of supplements. Though I’d never advocate supplementing with the latest fad to hit health food stores, most individuals will benefit from carefully selected nutrients specific to their individual needs.

Is cheapest best?
When it comes to dietary supplements, the cheapest brand isn’t always the best choice. I only recommend brands that contain the purest ingredients along with the highest manufacturing standards and quality controls. These are the same supplements that I use and that I recommend to my friends and family.

After much research, one of the brands that I choose to recommend at MidlifeBalance is Thorne Research. Thorne Research is a US based supplement manufacturer that has been around for over 20 years and is available only through healthcare professionals.  And, ConsumerLab, an independent tester of supplements, lists Thorne Research as the number one choice for nutritional supplements in the health practitioner market.

3 reasons why I trust Thorne Research

 thorne b5.jpg  Reason #1: Pure ingredients

Thorne uses the purest ingredients available. Unlike many supplement manufacturers, they list every single ingredient used in their products. If you don’t see it listed on their bottle as an ingredient, then it isn’t there. Companies are not required to list filler ingredients if they aren’t added at the time the product is manufactured into the final dosage form. Thorne sources the best quality ingredients and always lists everything included in their products.
In addition, none of Thorne Research’s more than 280 nutritional supplements contain potentially allergenic fillers, binders, or lubricants. Even the most sensitive allergy patient can use Thorne Research products.

 thorne mediclear.jpg  Reason #2: Bioavailability

Thorne products are highly absorbable so our bodies are able to utilize them well, leading to optimal efficacy.

 thorne phytisone.jpg  Reason #3: Quality and Safety

Thorne Research has developed their own, strict, pharmaceutical-based Good Manufacturing Practices (or GMPs) and then had their manufacturing facilities inspected by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of the Government of Australia (their FDA/Health Canada) to inspect their manufacturing plant and GMPs. Many other governments throughout the world accept a supplement company’s TGA certification as being one of the most exhaustive audits anywhere.

Thorne Research products I recommend most often
Some of the products that I recommend most often include the following:
1. Thorne Multi B#5 – an ideal formulation for those who need to optimize functioning of their adrenal glands. Multi B#5 is a comprehensive Vitamin B complex with extra Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) which is found in high concentrations in the adrenal glands.
2. Thorne Cortrex – a comprehensive combination of adrenal glandulars and additional nutrients including zinc, licorice root, Vitamins B and C for complete nutritional support of the adrenals.
3. Thorne Phytisone – a specially formulated blend of tonifying botanicals, adaptogens, and key nutrients designed to provide nutritional support for the adrenals.
4. Thorne Rhodiola – an adaptogenic botanical that increases the body’s ability to withstand physical and emotional stress.
5. Thorne Mediclear – a rice protein based nutritional supplement used for nutritional support for detoxification and gastrointestinal health
6. Thorne Multi-Encap – a multi-vitamin-mineral with all the essential nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and potassium plus citrate chelates to enhance absorption plus a full complex of essential vitamins and trace minerals for a complete multivitamin.

All can be purchased at and some at