August’s Be Beautiful Apothekari : Kristina

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August’s Be Beautiful Apothekari: Kristina


My “Be Beautiful”: Feeling comfortable in one’s own skin.
Kristina, 50. Web Content Creator, Small Business Owner, Political Junkie, Wife, Mother, Lover of Good Food & Good People.

Be Beautiful Apothekari: Kristina2


“I’ve been using Apothekari’s “A is for Anti-Aging” product for a few years now and love it! My fair, Scandinavian skin tolerates the retinal levels well and I can use it daily. Lately, though, I typically alternate it with Apothekari’s Vitamin C product, Bespoke C Serum. All in all, I’ve noticed an improved skin texture (smaller pores, more even tone), less conspicuous lines and better oil control.”

*Kristina is pictured with the Firming Eye Gel

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