New! Apothekari Natural Deodorant Sprays

  • Post last modified:July 6, 2022
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After months of research, tweaking and fine tuning, Apothekari’s natural deodorant sprays are now available. Get ready to smell fresh and feel clean all day long!

What Makes Them So Special?

Sharmani (a pharmacist and the founder of Apothekari) was frustrated by the lack of truly safe and effective natural deodorants. Ready to give up, she decided that if the perfect deodorant didn’t exist, that she’d create her own. One that actually works–and that doesn’t leave you smelling like fake flowers covering up a bad smell.

Apothekari’s new spray deodorants rely on a triple combination of odor destroying ingredients that attack odor right at its root:

  1. Natural odor eating enzymes that break down the stinky stuff in sweat so that you won’t smell.
  2. Probiotics to help increase the concentration of good bacteria on your skin, which attacks the bad bacteria that leads to odor.
  3. Glycolic acid which keeps skin at a friendly pH and inhibits the production of the smell inducing bad bacteria.

Plus the formulation includes skin soothing allantoin and caffeine to ensure that your pits not only smell fresh, but feel soft and smooth too.

Works on Your Whole Body

Whether you’re concerned about smelly pits, stinky feet or even odor down there, this spray takes care of odor anywhere on your body. Above all, we want to make it clear that we are speaking of body odor and not your natural, non-sweat odor. Because when sweat happens, odor often follows. (external use only).

Which Scent is Your Perfect Match?

Each of Apothekari’s natural deodorant sprays is fast drying, non-sticky and suitable for all genders; and available in 4 delectable scents:

  • Barely There. The lightest hint of citrus notes from bergamot essential oil. For those of you who like to keep things subtle.
  • Tuscan Blossom (formerly Neroli Rose). Features the gentle, floral aroma of neroli, combined with a hint of rose. Complex and harmonious.
  • Morning Bliss. An energizing, gender neutral blend of sweet orange and rosemary. Citrusy, invigorating and uplifting.
  • Tranquil Moment (formerly Lavender Bergamot). Features the soothing floral, herbal and woodsy scent of lavender balanced out with a subtle blend of delicate citrus notes.

Can’t decide on one? We’ve got a set that contains all 4 scents, guaranteeing odor-free bliss, all day long.