Daily Mineral Benefits Without the Spa

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What if you could get the benefits of a geothermal mineral spa every day?

A friend was telling me the other day about a spa in Iceland like the one pictured, where you can wallow peacefully in geothermally-heated pools coated wearing a mud mask rich in silica. As slush currently features in my life more than geothermal mineral therapies, I must admit it sounds pretty tempting.

Silica is a mineral ingredient purported to have a wide range of benefits for the human body, including boosting collagen, giving vitality to hair, and slowing the aging process. There aren’t a ton of ton of clinical studies to support its benefits when taken internally, but it can help to preserve the integrity of our skin, hair and nails. When applied topically, silica is used for its oil absorbing properties, which makes it beneficial to acne sufferers. It also has the ability to scatter light making it useful in mineral makeup where it acts to seamlessly lighten or blur fine lines and wrinkles. In powders and foundations, silica allows makeup to luxuriously slip on the skin. It may also be used as a filler for mineral-based cosmetics. And lastly, due to its abrasive properties, it is effective in removing dead skin cells and other skin imperfections.

Find it in mineral sunscreens from Colorescience as well as in our popular tinted Neostrata Anti Wrinkle Lip Enhancers.

Until I get to Iceland, I’ll be getting my mineral benefits a little closer to home.

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