So You Think You Need a BB Cream…

Original to Asia, BB creams (AKA Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm Creams) are now making their way to North America and Europe. They’ve garnered significant attention for what individuals think they can do for skin. What can a BB cream do for you?

The first Blemish Balm was developed by a German dermatologist in the 1960s to treat patients recovering from plastic surgery and laser treatments. It had healing properties. It was introduced to the Asian markets in 1985 and really took off in the 2000s, where it has since become a beauty staple. In Asia, the ‘blemish’ BB creams are designed to treat is not a pimple, but instead dark skin discolorations or a non-white skin tone. They are designed to whiten skin and keep it from getting darker in a region where having light skin is often synonymous with beauty and success. Typically they contain a combination of tinted moisturizer, sunscreen, blemish healer and skin whitener.

Many manufacturers have introduced or are in the process of introducing Blemish Balms to North America. Unlike their Asian counterparts, formulations in North America focus more on anti-aging benefits than on skin whitening because it’s what customers here want. Considered multi-tasking products, they can brighten skin, even out complexion, cover blemishes, hydrate and protect against UV rays. Some may even contain anti-aging ingredients you’d expect to find in a serum. Sounds like a miracle doesn’t it?

So, is a BB cream right for you? Experts suggest that if you’re after a one-step product that carries some tint, then they may be worth a try. Keep in mind that while they sound amazing, you may be falling for marketing spin. Still new to the market, these revamped Blemish Balms haven’t really been put to the test yet so only time will tell.

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