Topical Botox- No Longer Just Fiction

Since the introduction of botox to get rid of wrinkles, skin care companies have been working fast and furious to find a viable, topical alternative for those of us who prefer a less expensive and less invasive option. Injectable botox involves delivering botulinum toxin type A deep into the tissues in order to ‘paralyze’ the muscles, making it impossible for a wrinkle to develop. Botox inhibits the receptors in the muscles from responding to nerve signals that would normally control the contraction and relaxation of muscles when we, for instance, smile or laugh.

Although many topical creams containing active ingredients such as peptides and lab-grown stem cells may market themselves as a “topical botox”, no skin care product has been successfully developed using the botulinum toxin as the key ingredient, until now. And naturally, this revolutionary product comes from Korea, well-established as a global leader in skin care innovation.

Where peptides and retinoids boost production of collagen and increase skin’s elasticity, a topical botulinum treatment has the same aims as the injectable form: relax wrinkles, diminish the look of lines and give users a more youthful, fresh, well-rested appearance.

Topical botox may no longer be fiction, but does it actually work? As it has only recently been available outside of Asia, that remains to be seen. Much rides on whether or not the product can penetrate to a level that will deliver on the promise. The manufacturer does specify that, like other topical treatments, results will not be visible for approximately 4 weeks, a not unreasonable expectation.  Only time will tell.