Fall Prescription For Your Hair: 10 Tips

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Last week, I doled out tips regarding how to care for your skin in fall; this week, it’s time to get your tresses into shape. As we move into autumn, it’s likely your hair could use some extra TLC. Summer’s sun and high temperatures can lead to dry, brittle hair leaving it looking frizzy with faded color. Here are 10 tips to get you started on a seasonal pick-me-up for those lovely locks:

  1. Repair split ends. Regular cutting is the best way to deal with this perennial problem. It’ll get rid of frayed ends and leave hair looking healthy.
  2. Eliminate sulfates from your regimen. While not necessarily harmful, sulfates (a cleansing agent) can be harsh and drying. A gentle shampoo like Cliniderm Gentle Shampoo is irritant free making it ideal for those with sensitive skin and allergies.
  3. Deal with chlorine build-up. Chlorine in our tap water is just as harmful to hair as that in swimming pools. Rinse hair with apple cider vinegar once a week to help remove buildup of chlorine as well as excess styling product which can weigh down hair.
  4. Limit washing. If your hair is damaged, it’s important to limit the amount of cleaning you do. Fortunately there are options for dry shampoo. The easiest and cheapest? Corn starch. Just sprinkle in and brush out. Refresh the ends with a leave-in conditioning spray.
  5. Use a hair oil. If your hair is naturally on the oily side, it may seem counter-intuitive to add more; but keep in mind that constant washing stimulates the oil producing glands. A scalp oil treatment, conversely, is a balancing factor for both dry and oily scalps. Massage a few drops of an essential oil blend into your scalp. Argan oil is a popular choice.
  6. Try a keratin treatment. This daily defense against hair damage seals the hair strands with a protein “shield” to lock in moisture and preserve your hair’s health. Goodby to frizz, flyaway locks and weak strands.
  7. Do without styling tools for a bit. Instead, play with braids, buns or a ponytail. The break from heat will help hair bounce back.
  8. Hats rock. UV rays can wash out your hair color, dry out your hair and even burn your scalp. Autumn rays can be just as damaging as summer’s, so seek out a hat that makes you feel great.
  9. Check out your tap water. Overly chlorinated water could be the culprit. Fortunately, the answer is simple: a water filter in your showerhead should do the trick.
  10. Style it up. Autumn is a great time to try a new style or a shade darker in color. You’ll be on your way to healthier, shinier hair in no time.

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  1. Andrew Chadeayne

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    The answer to this problem is washing with a potent antioxidant, such as a vitamin C spray. Using vinegar and other potions does not work because those solutions do not have enough antioxidant power.

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