In Praise of Holidays. Off to Panama!

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I’m most definitely a warm weather person so you may be able to appreciate just how excited I am for an upcoming trip to Panama! This trip is especially significant because we will be traveling with my parents. My father has always wanted to see the Panama Canal and my bona fide Engineer geek husband, well he just couldn’t resist the temptation.

In addition to the adventure of going somewhere new (and did I mention it will be warm there?), I’m looking forward to escaping what has been an unusually cold and dreary spring. The season has arrived in fits and starts (mainly fits), with late blooms, far too much rain and not enough sun. Were it possible, I would have made my tropical getaway back in February, but that was not in the cards this year. A sunshine break is long overdue!

While holidays can be stressful, they are also a great way to reset. Although they may be busy and packed with activity, stepping away from the usual day to day stuff is rejuvenating in a way that a staycation just can’t match. I won’t deny that going away comes with its own set of issues:

  • Planning the itinerary
  • Booking the travel and accommodation
  • Mentally preparing for the inevitable delays, cancellations and mishaps that can occur while away from home
  • Getting ready for the trip – packing, shopping (am I the only one who finds that there is something I absolutely must buy for a trip?!)
  • Finding someone to look after the house and all the responsibilities that entails
  • The journey there and back – bad (or no) airline food, cramped quarters, jet lag
  • And in my case, trying not to stress about leaving your business (usually in very capable hands, but stressful, nonetheless)

I know that once we arrive, I’ll start to get into holiday mode and all the pre-trip travel stuff will fade away quite quickly.

While the main reason for the trip is to see the Panama Canal, we’re also excited to explore the rest of the country as well. We will be visiting the town of Boquete in the mountainous Highlands – home to the country’s famous coffee region. Hiking, zip lining (we’ll see…) and apparently, terrific restaurants are in store for us. Then we’ll check out Bocas del Toro, a collection of islands in the Caribbean with palm-fringed beaches, dense jungles and clear waters. We plan to take a few tours around the islands, laze on the beach and stay at an eco-jungle lodge, which has its own cocoa plantation. I wonder if chocolate will be included in our stay?

I won’t be blogging as much while I’m away but please follow along on Instagram (@apothekari_skin) and Facebook (@apothekariskin), where I’ll be sharing my travel adventures.

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