Yes Cleanse Rose Intimate Wash


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Yes Cleanse Rose is a sensitively formulated intimate wash, designed to respect the delicate vaginal ecology, with a refreshing, effective cleansing action.

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Yes Cleanse Rose (150 ml/ 5 fl oz) is a sensitively formulated intimate wash, designed to respect the delicate vaginal ecology, with a refreshing and effective cleansing action. Available in two versions: Unfragranced and Rose.

Yes Cleanse Natural pH Balanced Intimate Wash

Yes Cleanse Rose intimate wash is the perfect adjunct to other products in the Yes line-up. Yes Cleanse Washes benefit from the soothing and nourishing properties of Calendula and Aloe Vera, as well as benign cleansing agents which are as effective as they are gentle. Safeguarding the pH of the intimate area is critical to its health and comfort, and Yes Cleanse is careful to respect this balance, making it naturally deodorizing and ensuring that the protective acidic mantle of the vulva is not disrupted.

Yes Cleanse works well everywhere else too.

Yes Cleanse Rose Intimate Wash Features:

  • Ultra gentle intimate foam wash
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Guaranteed Pure and Natural
  • Organic plant actives – Calendula and Aloe Vera
  • pH matched wash*
  • Washes away odor-causing bacteria without irritation
  • Economic foam pump producing soft gentle lather
  • 200+ washes (that’s over 6 months, when used daily)
  • Propellant free foaming
  • Luxurious feminine washes you can use with confidence and safety day after day
  • Yes Cleanse Rose contains exquisite Organic Rosa Damascena


  • Aqua
  • Lauryl Betaine
  • DecylGlucoside
  • Rosa DamascenaFlower Oil*¹
  • Calendula Officinalis Extract*
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder*
  • Citric Acid
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Sodium Benzoate
    *Organically grown ingredients

What are Mucous Membranes?

Mucous membranes are the moist layer of semi-permeable tissue lining the mouth, nose, eyes, vagina, tip of the penis and gastro-intestinal tract. Because they do not have the protective layer (Stratum corneum) found on the surface of the outer skin, mucous membranes can be damaged, irritated and penetrated by synthetic chemicals much more easily. Most old style lubricants are primarily made of synthetic chemicals, some with known or suspected safety issues, such as skin irritants, penetration enhancers or oestrogen mimicking properties. A few lubricant manufacturers do not even declare their ingredients.

The ingredients used in all Yes products are selected with the needs of the mucous membranes in mind. The criteria that ingredients have to meet to be used in a YES product include:

  1. Certified and Guaranteed Purity and Quality. Organically produced wherever possible, as this ensures product integrity and no hidden chemicals carried over from the production processes. All our ingredients occur in nature, contain no genetically modified ingredients and are not tested on animals.
  2. A Solid Pedigree of Safety and Performance. For example, flax has been cultivated by man for over 6000 years and the ancient Greeks and Romans used it to heal, moisturize and nourish skin.
  3. No Known Skin or Mucosal Irritants. 
    • No Menthol / Peppermint oil – skin irritants and can damage mucous membranes.
    • No Grapefruit seed extract.  Grapefruit Seed Extract (also called Citrus seed extract and Citrus grandis). Independent research (FDA) has shown that Grapefruit Seed Extract’s antimicrobial properties are exclusively due to adulterants: undeclared synthetic chemicals; commercially available preservatives and disinfectants such as Methylparaben.
    • No Glycerin – is a mucus membrane irritant, feeds Thrush at concentration below 5% and in higher concentrations damages the mucous membranes. Glycerin is a sugar alcohol that feeds Candida albicans in certain conditions and so causes a bout of Thrush in women.
    • No natural or synthetic products that have health issues or concerns. Parabens, i.e. Methylparaben, are a range of synthetic preservatives that mimic estrogen and are potentially linked to breast cancer.
    • No Propylene glycol – a penetration enhancer used in cosmetics, as well as lubricants, to “pull” other chemicals into the skin.
    • No L-Arginine – an amino acid that can initiate a Herpes outbreak in people with genital Herpes
    • No Petroleum by-products such as Mineral Oil (Liquidum Paraffinum), Petrolatum (petroleum jelly), Paraffin oil (lamp oil or premium Kerosine) or Paraffin wax.
    • No Silicone oils such as Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone or Dimethicone Copolyol. Much like Petroleum by-products they coat the skin, not allowing it to breathe.
    • Only plant based ingredients unless there is no effective or safe natural option
  4. Preservation is Critical. All commercially available natural and “natural” preservation systems were tested to find a combination of natural and synthetically produced preservatives for YES water based to deliver the performance required. Even the synthetically produced ingredients are naturally occurring.

YES WB (Water Based) Ingredients

Contain Organic Aloe Vera, a renowned skin food; organic Flax extract which is particularly beneficial for the mucous membranes and three synergistic plant based gums – Guar, Locust Bean and Xanthan, all of which contribute to the deep velvety texture. Food and cosmetic quality preservatives are included and citric acid to buffer the pH.

YES OB (Plant-Oil Based) Ingredients

Two rich organic butters – Cocoa butter and Shea butter – more skin food, which impart smoothness and body; two fine emollient oils – sweet almond oil and sunflower oil, both organic, which confer a silky texture and skin moisturizing benefits; a little white organic bees wax, and lastly some Vitamin E which as well as benefiting the skin, acts as a preservative.