Acai Berry and Skin: Does This Superfood Deliver?

Rich in antioxidants, the acai berry has already created a sensation in the food world being heralded as a new superfood. Now get ready to witness an explosion into the area of skin and personal care products.

Acai berries are the fruit of the açaí palm, native to Central and South America. Traditionally harvested by indigenous people, the acai berry is a major component of their diet. Both the juice and the pulp are used in juices, smoothies, sodas and other beverages. It is also consumed mixed with other foods such as granola or tapioca.

The benefits being attributed to the acai berry are endless – increased energy levels, improvement in sexual performance, improved digestion, detoxification, improved skin, improved heart health, improved heart health, weight loss – the list goes on. You’ll find companies selling acai berry tables, juices, smoothies, and most recently, eye and face creasm. Unfortunately, as of the date of this posting, there is not one controlled study to back up any of these claims.

The acai berry does contain antioxidant benefit. A recent study showed that it contained one of the highest ORAC (oxygen radical scavenging activity) scores. And, when consumed orally, a comparative study against many different types of fruit juices showed that acai juice possessed about the same antioxidant activity as black cherry or cranberry juice. It was lower than pomegranate juice, blueberry juice and red wine, but higher than apple or orange juice. There have been no published reports on its activity when applied orally.

What Can It Do For Skin

While you will see many skin care products containing acai berry, remember that there is no research to back up the claims. We can assume that due to its high antioxidant activity, the acai berry is most likely useful in fighting free radical damage. And, it will be able to deliver some vitamins and minerals. However, how that might translate to skin benefits is still unclear.

If the idea of consuming acai berry appeals to you, then you may want to consume it in juices and smoothies. Applying it topically might make you feel good, but much more research needs to be conducted before giving it a definitive thumbs up. If you are looking for antioxidant activity stick to tried and proven solutions including topical Vitamin C.

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  1. Maleo

    They are high in anti-oxidants, but not as high as blueberries. They really aren’t special, and definetly not worth the price. They don’t make you loose weight, nor any of the other supposed magical properties.

    I have been on the acai blast for a few months. It has made me feel better. I can not comment on how well it works for weight loss. I am was not looking to lose weight but was more into the health reasons of taking the acai berry itself.

  2. Natural Male Enhancement

    Acai supplements are available in multiple forms depending your preference for capsules, drinks or topical creams. Acai supplements are heralded as anti-aging drugs because of the high concentration of natural skin enriching compounds. Acai extract contains phytoserols, which are known to protect collagen and increase the skin’s moisture.

  3. alberthayden

    I have seen and read carefully your post.its nice post i like it.Acai berry is one of the best Super is a big source of nutrition.Thanks for sharing this post.

  4. healthcare webpage

    Studies show that not only does acai berry have one of the highest contents of antioxidants known to man, it is also a source of plant sterols, essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, minerals, and amino acids. Essential fatty acids, omegas 3, 6, and 9 help slow down the effects of aging and can lower bad fats like cholesterol in the blood.’.”‘

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