Month: June 2010


Menopause Brings Skin Care Challenges

A new survey sponsored by Vichy Laboratories shows that the majority of women face skin care challenges at menopause. The survey involved 686 women over the age of 50: 82 percent reported changes in the appearance of their skin, including increased dryness, increased wrinkles and a sagging neck once they entered menopause 53 percent reported… Read more »

Is Your Sunscreen Snake Oil?

In its latest annual Sunscreen guide, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) evaluated 500 sunscreens and found only 8% to be acceptable in terms of protection and safety. EWG Senior Vice President for Research Jane Houlihan called most of the best-selling sunscreens in the US as “the equivalent of modern-day snake oil,” claiming they don’t offer… Read more »

Heliocare Capsules: Oral Sun Protection

Heliocare Capsules New at PhaMix are Heliocare capsules, an oral supplement that contains antioxidant properties which help to maintain the skin’s ability to protect against UV radiation and aging. Heliocare is designed to complement the benefits received from your sunscreen and when taken orally it can protect the skin from within. Heliocare contains Fernblock (Polypodium… Read more »