Month: October 2011

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The Cosmos Standard: Why It May Be Easier To Choose Organic Cosmetics

The Cosmos Standard, an internationally recognized standard for organic and natural skin care and cosmetics, may have me re-evaluating how I feel about organic skin care products. In a previous post I’ve written about my concerns. Maybe it’s time to revisit them. Finalized earlier this year, the Cosmos Standard was set up to address the needs… Read more »

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Dry Skin: Is An Occlusive Right For You?

There are many strategies for coping with dry skin and applying a treatment containing occlusive ingredients is one of them. Occlusive ingredients (sometimes referred to as emollients) work by covering the skin with a waterproof film that helps to minimize or prevent water loss. Occlusive ingredients include petrolatum, mineral oil and silicones such as dimethicone… Read more »

California Bans Indoor Tanning For Minors

In a surprise move, this week California became the first state to ban indoor tanning for anyone under the age of 18. About 30 other states have restrictions on indoor tanning for minors but California’s new law will the strictest, prohibiting the minor’s use of a tanning bed even with parental consent. The American Academy… Read more »

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Maximum Retinol Without Prescription

Question: What is the maximum retinol available without prescription? Answer: Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A and is used skin care for a number of reasons: It increases cell turnover in the skin’s epidermis (top layer). New skin cells leads to a brighter and smoother look. Stimulates collagen production which smoothes and plumps Reduces… Read more »