Zestica Fertility Spray

New at PhaMix, Zestica Fertility Spray is a personal lubricant specifically formulated to be sperm- friendly and to improve sperm motility in order to help women, and the men who love them, conceive.

Zestica Fertility Spray contains hyaluronic acid (HA) which is naturally found in our bodies – the body’s own natural water carrying molecule. Hyaluronic acid has been scientifically shown to improve the motility of poorly motile sperm, thus increasing the chance of conception. HA is added with a combination of different molecular weights to sustain its stability in the acidic vaginal environment. This super-water absorbent ingredient has natural moisturization functionality, which makes it a fantastic lubricant with a well-proven safety profile. Hyaluronic Acid has been widely used in IVF clinics and part of IVF medium.

There are many lubricants on the market and while most of them are fine to use at other times, when you are trying to conceive it is very important that you use a lubricant such as Zestica Fertility which is specifically designed to assist the conception process. Zestica Fertility is balanced for both pH levels and osmolality (the concentration of particles dissolved in a fluid) to match the optimum conditions for sperm.

Many over-the-counter lubricants are formulated to have a pH of around 4-5 to match the vaginal pH. However, when trying to conceive, it is important to remember that the pH of sperm is around 7.2. Too low a pH will damage and kill sperm. Similarly, any lubricant with a petroleum or mineral content should be avoided as well as lubricants with pleasure additives (tingle/ taste additives etc.) which may negatively impact sperm survival.

Zestica Fertility Spray is unique not only for its application but also because it is the first fertility lubricant containing hyaluronic acid, found in abundance in the female reproductive tract where it plays important roles in the fertilization process and later stages of pregnancy.

Use Zestica Fertility prior to intercourse on the 6 most fertile days of your ovulation cycle, or in a condom during sperm collection, to ensure a sperm friendly environment.