Pressed Serums and Splash Masks

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Just when we got comfortable with their multi-step routines that forced us to slow down and use one product for one purpose, the genius skin care innovators in Korea have done it again: changed the game plan with pressed serums and splash masks. They’ve managed to turn traditional routines on their heads by coming up with products that embrace the multi-functionality and time-saving benefits of the products that North Americans tend to reach for with the inventiveness and originality for which the East is becoming famous.


If you haven’t already heard of pressed serums and splash masks, brace yourself. Korean skin care products continue to infiltrate North American markets in the best way, bringing in not only new ideas about what is essential for healthy skin but new products that make that goal infinitely more attainable.

Here are two of the newest and brightest to watch out for:


  1. Pressed Serums: The perfect blend of hydrating moisturizer and skin-feeding serum in one unique product. A hybrid of cream and gel, online reviewers have described the consistency as jelly-like, spongey and even bouncy. The beauty of this new formulation is that it is able to maintain the potency of a traditional serum while improving on the ease of application. Unlike a moisturizer that needs to be rubbed in, pressed serums should be lightly tapped into the skin until absorbed. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way.
  2. Splash Masks: If the idea of relaxing for 30 minutes with a cute animal sheet mask on your face doesn’t appeal, you may want to consider the splash mask. Building on the practice of using rice water as toner and facial rinse, the splash mask is a concentrated solution of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) such as lactic acid and sugar cane extract along with antioxidants and botanical extracts. Simply add one capful of solution to a large, clean bowl or sinkful of water, splash onto the face for 30 seconds as though rinsing, then pat the skin dry. The potential return on investment for this low-effort gem makes it irresistible to skin care fanatics.

Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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