Apothekari Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Polish – New!

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We’re so excited to introduce the latest product in Apothekari’s line up – our Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Polish. Formulated with a unique combination of ingredients including walnut shell powder and bamboo powder, this polish contains an intoxicating blend of lemongrass, mimosa, and litsea essential oils. It’s the perfect way to begin your day!

Safe for all skin types, Apothekari Bamboo & Lemongrass Foaming Body Polish will exfoliate skin, ridding it of rough spots, especially around elbows, knees, and soles of the feet. It also works wonders on the hands! The essential oil blend delivers a refreshing and invigorating scent. Botanical cleansing agents derived from corn and coconut help to gently cleanse skin while meadowsweet extract offers both anti-inflammatory and skin soothing benefits. Algae and rice extract hydrate and moisturize. And milk thistle extract delivers an extra oomph of skin soothing activity. Many of the ingredients are certified organic.

Our team of testers (both men and women) are over the moon with this new treatment. They’ve reported back that their skin feels noticeably softer and smoother after use and they love that this unique foaming body polish doesn’t leave the body feeling oily afterwards.

Add the polish to your morning or evening shower routine. As much as you’ll be tempted to use it all over, keep in mind that it shouldn’t be used on the delicate face and neck.

Also be on the lookout for our new Apothekari Shade SPF 30. Our zinc oxide based sunscreen delivers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and will be available soon!

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