Crazy Beauty Trends from 2016

We’re not opposed to trying new products and procedures for the sake of research in our never-ending search for anti-aging treatments that are backed by science and have shown some tangible results but some crazy trends in 2016 left us literally speechless in disbelief.

Here are three that we hope to have seen the last of this year:

Facial Exercisers: Whether shaped like an airplane propeller or in the form of mask with elastic attachments, facial exercisers claim to help tone and tighten facial muscles. The idea is to strengthen muscles in the face in order to counteract the breakdown of elastin and collagen that happens as we age. Instead of sagging skin, facial exercisers claim to be the way to taut skin. If only that were so! Apart from wrinkles being a normal part of aging, they also form when we make the same facial movements repeated, such as smiling, frowning or furrowing our brows. Well, guess what the facial exercisers require? Repeated facial movements.



100 Layers of Everything: Although more of a You Tube challenge than a serious beauty trend, applying 100 layers of foundation, nail polish, mascara, mud mask or, in fact, anything, is perplexing. For someone who tends to prefer a multi-tasking product that doesn’t waste hard-earned money, applying 100 layers of anything that may end up clogging pores and taking up precious time is baffling. While there is nothing wrong with doing something just for fun, this is one trend that I will let pass me by.

Vampire Facial: Made popular a few years ago on an American reality show, this is one trend that keeps rearing its ugly head. Vampire facials involve the drawing of blood from arm, which is processed to separate out the plasma which is then injected back into the face using a microneedling procedure. This is definitely not one for the squeamish at heart. If you do decide to go this gruesome-sounding route, make sure that you’re entrusting yourself to professionals who know what they’re doing.