Are Facial Oils Right for You?

If you’re struggling to keep your skin properly hydrated, you may want to consider if a facial oil is right for you. Persistent dry skin due to seasonal temperature changes or hormonal fluctuations may require more than just your regular moisturizer to address successfully. With the addition of a facial oil, you may finally clear away that flaky dry skin that even the most rich and emollient creams cannot conquer.

Key points to keep in mind when using facial oils to reap the maximum benefits:

  • Start with Exfoliation. A bit of gentle exfoliation preps the skin by removing the layer of complexion-dulling dead skin cells that sit on the surface and impede the absorption of active ingredients. This can be done either “mechanically” with the help of a washcloth, grainy scrub or dry brush, or “chemically” via glycolic acid. Did you know that our Apothekari Bespoke vitamin C serums are uniquely formulated with a low pH level that makes it ideal for exfoliating? Applying the serum and allowing it to sit on the skin for 30 minutes prior to applying other products will allow the vitamin C to remove the dead skin cells that cling to the surface.
  • Apply Your Moisturizer Next. Moisturizers typically contain water-attracting ingredients (humectants) such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and ceramides. These humectants replenish moisture by actually bonding with water-molecules pulled from the air or from water in the product.
  • Seal in the Moisture with a Facial Oil. By applying a few drops of a non-scented facial oil on top of your moisturized skin, the oils provide a protective layer what prevent’s the moisturizer’s benefits from dissipating. A little goes a long way: Add two or three drops in the palm of the hand, rubbing together and then patting gently over the face.

That said, not all facial oils are made equally. You’ll want to make sure that your choice of facial oil contains plant-based oils that will best benefit your skin type, such as marula, chia, rosehip, argan and squalane. Not only will the facial oil help the skin retain hydration but the oils themselves contain antioxidants and nutrients that the skin will also lap up.