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Apothekari Soft Skin Set


Apothekari Soft Skin Set has been discontinued.

Celebrate soft skin! Whisk away dryness leaving silky, smooth skin with these exfoliating and moisturizing face and body products.

Improve the appearance and feel of rough, dry skin with the products in our Apothekari Soft Skin Set. Rough skin is often caused by dead, dry skin cells that sit on top of the skin’s surface. It’s important to first exfoliate, either with a chemical exfoliator (like an alpha hydroxy acid) or a physical exfoliator like a scrub or polish. Once dead skin cells have been removed, hydrate and lock in moisture with a cream, lotion or oil. Improve the appearance of skin on both your face and body with these products.

Our Apothekari Soft Skin Set includes:

Who’s ready for soft skin?!

Apothekari Skincare products are registered with Health Canada.

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