Month: January 2011

2011: Top 5 Skin Care Trends

If you care about your skin, you’ll be interested to learn what industry insiders are predicting will be the top 5 skin care trends for 2011. Here they are: Trend 1: Science Impacts Beauty. Lots of companies invest in research and product development. Look for products containing the following ingredients: Stem cells. Keep in mind… Read more »

Lakota Joint Care. Is it for you?

Lakota Joint Care is a natural formulation designed to help manage the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and back pain. Discuss with your physician to see if Lakota Joint Care might make a good alternative to a prescription medication. This medicine helps to: Relieve arthritis and joint pain Reduce inflammation in the joints Rebuild healthy… Read more »

Body Brushing or Dry Brushing – Worth It?

Body brushing or dry brushing is a technique advocated by natural health care experts for a myriad of benefits. These include: Detoxification Exfoliation Cellulite removal Strengthening the immune system Tightening skin Toning muscles amongst other things. Does it have any merit? The concept of body brushing has been around for centuries where it has been… Read more »