Month: March 2011

Colorescience: Your New Sunscreen BFF

As you know, I’m all about linking good health with great looks. If you are too, then you will be impressed with the performance and standards of our latest sunscreen acquisition: Colorescience Sunforgettable Primers and Powders. Colorescience products address face texture, moisture, skin sensitivities and coverage while offering outstanding physical sunfiltering.  Recommended by the Skin… Read more »

Best Anthelios Sunscreens For Sports

As spring and summer approach, our customers often ask us, “Which Anthelios sunscreens are best for sports?” La Roche Posay’s line of Mexoryl sunscreens is widely recognized by dermatologists, beauty experts and customers alike as a safe and effective sunscreen to minimize skin damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. So it’s not surprising that… Read more »


Sonophoresis is a technology that utilizes sound or ‘sonic’ waves to deliver active ingredients to the skin. While the technology itself has been around for a while, it’s starting to gain increasing popularity in the treatment of skin. Sonophoresis is useful in skin care as it allows for large molecules to penetrate the skin’s dermis…. Read more »

Fonts: What Type Are You?

If aesthetics are important to you, then you may have fun with this short interactive quiz that helps to match a font type to your personality. Take the quiz here and don’t forget to tell me what type you are. My type? Archer hairline, which, surprisingly, I really like.