Year: 2013

New! Neostrata Moisture Infusion 24hr Hydrating Serum

Neostrata Moisture Infusion 24hr Hydrating Serum is now available at PhaMix! New from Neostrata, the Moisture Infusion 24hr Hydrating Serum contains the latest highly moisturizing ingredients to offer immediate and intense hydration in a light texture for year-long wear. Neostrata has long been respected as a leader in providing science-based skin care using leading edge… Read more »


Take a quick look at the ingredient list of most shampoos and conditioners and you’ll likely see panthenol listed as one of the main components.  Celebrated for its ability to moisturize and inspiring a whole line of hair care products, panthenol has also been quietly working its magic in skin care. Panthenol  is a natural… Read more »

A is For Anti-Aging: New Clinicals Just In!

When we introduced A is for Anti-Aging, we knew we’d come up with something special. Formulated with a patent pending stabilized retinaldehyde (IconicA) – the immediate precursor to retinoic acid, it promotes collagen production leading to firmer skin. Beyond that however, retinaldehyde is far less irritating to skin than retinol or retinoic acid so all… Read more on Apothekari »