Spring Cleaning for the Skin

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Finally, we can say that Spring is on its way! And just like our homes and wardrobes, our skin could do with a bit of spring cleaning to get ready for the warmer weather. Here are 6 things we can do to prep from head to toe:

1. Exfoliate the face. After hibernating all winter behind scarves and under heavy creams, our face could do with a bit of a gentle scrub. Exfoliating is the one step that most likely gets left out each week but when you realize the long list of benefits , we think you’ll make the time. There’s no end to the options: dry brush, muslin cloths, mechanical rotating brushes and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) treatments. My favorite right now is an exfoliating sheet mask. Not only are these incredibly popular and easy to find, they’ll give you a reason to sit back and do nothing for 10 minutes while the AHA’s and fruit enzymes do their job. You can also consider adding a cleanser like Apothekari AHA-Mazing Clean Gel with a triple combination of gentle and effective AHAs.

2. Give your body a good polish. Shower, moisturize and go, that’s the body’s basic routine for winter. Dealing with dry skin may have been the priority but now with spring on the way, we need to slough off the dead skin cells that have been hiding under the heavy sweaters and long pants. Exfoliating will actually allow moisturizers to do a better job without that extra barrier. And if you’re like many of us, there may have been a lapse in body hair grooming over the past few months. Giving your arms and legs a bit more attention will also make hair removal easier and more thorough. Apothekari Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Polish is our go-to. We love it for the unique foaming action, the invigorating scent and, best of all, the non-oily feel. No more slipping around in the tub!

3. Switch over to a dedicated sunscreen. This is the time of year that we tend to change over from a moisturizer with SPF to Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Comfort Crème, a dedicated sunscreen made specifically for the face. Its lightweight feel and invisible finish make it an obvious choice for everyday wear, even under makeup. And we couldn’t be happier about the formulation: Tinosorb S, Mexoryl Xl and Mexoryl SX plus calming antioxidant baicalin.

4. Lighten up with the moisturizer. As the temperatures go up, it’s time to leave behind the heavy face creams. Choose a lighter moisturizer that won’t interfere with your other topical treatments, like Apothekari Daily Infusion. But use only as needed. You may find that an additional moisturizer is unnecessary as many sunscreens now have hydration built in with ingredients like vitamin E (tocopherol) and glycerin.

5. Book a pedicure. I try to leave it to the professionals at least twice a year: once in spring and once in fall. To maintain results in between appointments, Eucerin Repair Foot Cream with 10% urea every night works wonders. The secret, besides consistency, is the urea which not only hydrates but exfoliates as well. And if we let things slide a bit, take comfort that Flexitol Heel Magic is available for emergencies.

6. Buy a new pair of sandals or a new dress. Technically, this is not spring cleaning, but after all our hard work to get our skin ready for the new season, it’s a way to celebrate all our efforts. We definitely deserve it.

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