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Are Micronized and Nanoparticles Safe In Your Sunscreen?

If you take an interest in sunscreen science — or if, like me, you’re a bit of a sunscreen fanatic — you’ll know that there’s been some controversy in recent years over the safety of micronized and nanoparticle ingredients in sunscreens. While I’ve written about this topic in the past, it’s one that generates a… Read more »


Zinc Sulfate and Zinc Oxide: What’s the difference?

Zinc is one of those ingredients which is everywhere in modern life; you might find it in your breakfast cereal, household paint, or sunscreen. Are these all the same zinc? Zinc Sulfate vs Zinc Oxide Zinc sulfate (ZnSO4) is the compound most likely to be found as a nutritional supplement — either in fortified cereals… Read more »

Mineral Sunscreens: 4 Essential Tips

If you’ve ever wondered if mineral sunscreens (as found in several brands like Colorescience) might be for you, now is an ideal time to try them. Remember that UVA rays are prevalent year round – don’t let freezing temperatures fool you into thinking you’re safe from sun damage. These 4 tips will help you to… Read more »

Natural Sunscreens with Zinc Oxide

Natural Sunscreens with Zinc Oxide vs Titanium Dioxide?

If you lean towards organic and natural skin care products then it’s likely that you’ll want to skip the chemical sunscreens and opt for a natural sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Natural sunscreens with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are often referred to as physical sunscreens because they work primarily by sitting on… Read more »

Estrogenic Effects of Sunscreens – Should You Be Concerned?

*Keys Solar Rx – Chemical free sunscreen You may not be aware, but many sunscreens formulated with chemical sun filtering agents contain estrogenic effects. And, some sunscreens claiming to be natural also contain chemical sun filters that may also mimic the hormone estrogen. If you’re a regular user of sunscreens, should you be concerned? As… Read more »

Are Sunscreens With Nanoparticles Safe?

With a diameter that measures under 100 nanometers (nm), nanoparticles are manufactured using new technology that involves manipulation of tiny scale atoms and molecules. While invisible to the ey, some individuals are concerned that their tiny size may pose health and environmental risks, wreaking havoc if absorbed through the skin. Once this happens, there is… Read more »