Month: October 2010

Anti Aging Skin Care Longevicell

Longevicell: A Novel Anti Aging Skin Care Ingredient

Longevicell is a botanical extract from myrtle, a scented white flower that grows on a Mediterranean shrub. In studies, it has been shown to reduce the signs of skin aging. Longevicell is known for its rejuvenating virtues and has been selected for inclusion in anti aging skin care products for several reasons: It blocks the glycation… Read more »

Fitzpatrick Scale – A Skin Type Classification Scale

The Fitzpatrick Scale is a skin type classification system that was developed by a Harvard School Medical Dermatologist, Dr Thomas Fitzpatrick in 1975. Unlike the traditional skin typing system that most of us are accustomed to (Is your skin normal, dry, oily or combination?), the Fitzpatrick Scale classifies skin based on an individual’s complexion and… Read more »

Facial Based on Sperm Derivitave

Spermine, a potent organic compound initially detected in human sperm, has been synthetically reproduced for use in facials.  A robust antioxidant, the serum derived from the tail of human spermatozoa (and also present in human skin cells) purportedly rebuilds the fat and moisture balance of the skin.  Its manufacturer claims that Skinscience Spermine offers 25… Read more »