Month: September 2011


Apothekari Super Antioxidant Serum – Lower Price!

Our top selling Apothekari Super Antioxidant Serum formulated with high potency Vitamin C, E and ferulic acid is now more affordable! We’ve found a way to lower the price on this multi-tasking formulation which is a must for any anti aging skin care regimen. It works in several ways to: Protect skin from oxidative and… Read more »

Are You Addicted to Indoor Tanning?

Believe it or not, but a new study published in the journal Addiction Biology suggests that indoor tanning taps into the brain’s reward center and may be addictive. Despite the FDA requiring warning labels since 2007 about an increased skin cancer risk when using commercial tanning beds, an estimated 30 million Americans continue to use… Read more »

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Contemplating Cosmetic Surgery? May Help

If you’re one of the millions of individuals considering cosmetic surgery, you may want to know about A website dedicated to help empower people to share their experiences, expertise and opinion on important beauty decisions such as: Cosmetic dermatology & cosmetic surgery Dentistry Weight and hair loss Vision correction RealSelf has been designed to… Read more »