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Microneedling: Everything You Wanted to Know

Microneedling may not be as familiar as laser resurfacing, chemical peels or dermabrasion therapy. However, since its introduction a few years ago, microneedling, or skin needling, is slowly gaining traction, especially for those who are intrepid enough to try the newest trend. Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment that involves pricking the skin with thin… Read more »

Ingrown Hairs: Causes and Treatments

Often overlooked in the science of skincare, ingrown hairs are an issue for many people. Read  on for our top tips on ingrown hairs, what they look like, and what can you do to treat and prevent them. What is an Ingrown Hair? An ingrown hair (scientifically known as the transfollicular form of Pseudofolliculitis barbae)… Read more »

Plantar Hyperhidrosis and Dehydral

Dehydral is a topical cream formulated with methenamine used to treat plantar hyperhidrosis. Plantar hyperhidrosis is condition in which feet experience excessive sweating, sometimes accompanied by foot odor. Although its cause is unknown, it may be triggered by diet, anxiety or sympathetic nervous overactivity. One way to treat it is with Dehydral (methenamine). Dehydral contains… Read more »

Senokot, Effective Herbal Laxative

For those times when constipation is a concern, natural source Senokot Laxatives have been trusted by healthcare professionals for over 50 years to provide comfortable overnight relief of occasional constipation. Senokot Has Senna Senokot and Senokot-S contain natural source senna sourced from the senna plant, Alexandria senna (Cassia acutifolia Delile). The active ingredient has been… Read more »