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Sonophoresis is a technology that utilizes sound or ‘sonic’ waves to deliver active ingredients to the skin. While the technology itself has been around for a while, it’s starting to gain increasing popularity in the treatment of skin. Sonophoresis is useful in skin care as it allows for large molecules to penetrate the skin’s dermis…. Read more »

3 Things Your Skin Needs Every Day

Along with great nutrition, plenty of sleep and exercise, you’ll be on your way to great skin if you deliver these 3 things every day. Cleanser. One of the most basic steps to a skin care routine, cleansing is important to help remove dirt, pollutants and oil that may lead to clogged pores and blemishes…. Read more »

Body Brushing or Dry Brushing – Worth It?

Body brushing or dry brushing is a technique advocated by natural health care experts for a myriad of benefits. These include: Detoxification Exfoliation Cellulite removal Strengthening the immune system Tightening skin Toning muscles amongst other things. Does it have any merit? The concept of body brushing has been around for centuries where it has been… Read more »

Human Growth Hormone For Skin. Good Idea?

A new article in the New England Journal of Medicine casts doubt on the effects of human growth hormone (HGH) on skin and overall health.  Scratch any Hollywood beauty and you’re likely to discover a recipient of the much-touted HGH injections for youth and vitality. Twenty years ago a study showed that HGH injections, usually indicated in… Read more »